Cortex Productions
French-German Innovation Award 2018

Tumulte® is a spectacular Virtual Reality experience: it allows a group of people to interact directly with an immersive, because 360° 3D universe. Each gesture of each individual user becomes a determined action, in an environment of infinite possibilities: dinosaurs, inside the human body, for pure entertainment or serious game —the only limits are those of our imagination.

Tumulte® is a Virtual Reality technology that places a group of user at its center.

On an uninterrupted 360° 3D screen, an immersive environment appears, on which users interact directly without any equipment other than 3D glasses. The captured hand movements help to create a collective adventure, a common experience.

At the border between large-format 3D projection and virtual reality, the Tumulte® produces a feeling of immersion twice as strong as a traditional 3D cinema installation, according to a study by the XLIM laboratory, a research unit of the French National Center for Scientific Research. The impression of images gushing out is particularly striking and encourages the user to interact with the universe, thus creating a truly disruptive user experience.

Tumulte® at the NovAQ innovation fair in Bordeaux (coverage TV7)